The Denison University Women’s Rugby Football Club was founded in 1985. The team currently boasts twenty members and three coaches employed by the university athletic department. The team is fully supported by the university and the players have minimal expenses of their own.

DUWRFC Spring 2015In 2015 the team moved to the National Small College Rugby Division after playing up in Division 2 for eight years. While in Division 2, DUWRFC won four All-Ohio championships and qualified for four national tournaments. DUWRFC finished the 2015 fall season ranked 6th in the nation.

In the past five years Denison has had three players compete with the Collegiate All- American team, seven players compete with the All- Midwest team, and numerous compete on the All- Ohio team. The players are encouraged, supported, and campaigned for to play on select sides.


The team prides itself on the bond the players share. The team uses the motto “15as1” to show the bond and support each player has for one  another. This bond is a direct influence on DUWRFC’s success and is the most important piece to making the team a family.


To learn more about the Denison Women’s Rugby Team, please check out the short documentary below by Margot Austin ’18!


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